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Landing in Nashville, TN in the mid seventies, Gary found himself collaborating with other young songwriters and musicians that unbeknownst to them would become the foundation for the early days of Contemporary Christian Music. Along with Co-founding member, Marty McCall, "Fireworks" still stands as one of the most innovative and pioneering Jesus rock bands of that era.

After lending extraordinary vocal power to a plethora of award winning albums, including Amy Grant's early albums (Age To Age is christian music's 1st certified Platinum album) and her very 1st national live tours, Gary chose to continue building a career staying closer to home - as studio work allowed him the opportunity to build a family and yet be in the creative center of the music industry.

Becoming one of Nashville's most sought after session singers and developing quite a reputation as a vocal chameleon eventually led him to several years in Chicago singing national radio and television commercials. With a broad palate of commercials appearing on everything from hit T.V. shows - to feature films - to ads on Super Bowls, and continuing to record today... Gary is arguably the most recorded jingle singer in Nashville history.

On the big screen, Gary, along with "Riders in the Sky", played a backup singer in the feature film "Sweet Dreams" the Patsy Cline Story starring Jessica Lange. You can also hear him singing songs in various scenes throughout the movie such as Buddy Hollies "That'll Be the Day".

You can see and hear him in another feature film - "Heart of Gold" with the legendary Neil Young. Directed by Jonathan Demme, the movie is the culmination of two concerts filmed at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Released in conjunction with Neil's grammy nominated recording "Prairie Wind".

During The Nashville Networks (TNN) most watched years, Gary was a regular as part of the backup group for the networks show "Prime Time Country", hosted then by Gary Chapman.

He has served on the board of directors for TNC with John Coates helping to develop "The Nashville Choir" whose 150 voices strong performed the first Christian concert in the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN.

Also recently, Gary has been an integral part of a group helping to promote music for professionals in the "health care" industry. The group "Firestarters" and their "Passion & Purpose" project has been a grass roots initiative to help make a difference for all in health care. It's an inspirational project that celebrates the "calling" and the hard working folks in every aspect of this helping profession.

There is also a new promotional project for the NBC T.V. hit show "Parenthood" which you can find a link to in the "Love Links" tab. You'll hear Gary and his son Gabe harmonizing with Gary's other son Landon, who is singing the lead on the 1990's LFO remake.

Be on the look out too for some new songs that are in the pipeline to be recorded for an upcoming project for release later this year.